Rose Hips: A Natural Remedy for Skin Imperfections, Health and Aging

posted on 17 Jan 2014 23:15 by knowledgeableby58
The healing properties repair dry and sun damaged skin. It has even been used to treat acne itself; however, as an acne treatment, use it sparingly. Rose Hips contain Bioflavanoids that maintain healthy capillaries throughout the body. Rose Hip Oil is used in several beauty products for it's anti-aging properties. Surgical scars and keloid scars(lumpy scars) have been reduced or prevented altogether, and the oil works to restore your natural skin color. Few people realize the benefits Rose Hips have to offer as both a food and beauty product. It has become one of nature's best kept secrets.. With the benefits of Bioflavanoids plus the many other nutrients, Rose Hips are a wonderful addition to your diet as well as beauty regime. Today, it is mainly used as a tea. Most Rose bushes create Rose Hips after they bloom; however, Rosa Rugosa, creates the best tasting rose hips for cooking. Rose Hips most likely originated in Ancient Persia or Egypt. The Egyptians commonly grew roses in their temple gardens. They used to be a popular ingredient during World War II because of their nutritious value. There are several recipes that include Rose Hips. They can be made into pies, candies, jellies, soups, breads, and many more delicious delights. People were encouraged to eat them, as they helped maintain stress and good health by strengthening the immune system. It promotes the skin's natural regeneration cycle helping it produce more collagen and elastin. Women of South America have made teas and used the oil from the Rose Hip from generation to generation. Rose Hip Oil is very mild making it a useful moisturizer for people of all skin types. The oil can be massaged directly into the skin or you can use a lotion that contains it in the ingredients. This includes acne scars and stretch marks. The oil is a very light, almost watery oil that absorbs into the skin rapidly, making it wonderful for skin hydration. The Fatty Acids in the oil rejuvenate and bring a smooth, youthful appearance to the skin. The oil is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and shrinks large pores. Rose Hips themselves can be dried and used as teas and in cooking. Rose Hip Oil promotes skin Rose Hip Oil regeneration and has provided wonderful results in soothing and healing sun burns and skin burns. It can be used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of scars old and new. Rose Hips are the fruity pod left on a the flowers of a wild rose bush once the petals have fallen. The oil is retrieved from the rose hips and contains high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and Fatty Acids. Too much can clog the pores and cause a reverse effect